BMW 320D Sport Line 2012

BMW 320D Sport Line red

The first generation E21 is produced from 1975-83. , the second, labeled E30 from 83-91. , and then comes to a sudden shift in the design of which is still preserved with the E36 model was produced from 1991-2000. year. The first “Japanese variant” is produced since 2000. to 2005. years, labeled E46, but many quickly realize that there is no connection with Japanese design, this time with the least distance. Then comes the E90 since 2005. by 2011. was not affected tastes fervid fans of the BMW 3 Series, and then generated a total return on a pure BMW genetics with new F30 model that starts from 2012. year and will be on the market at least until 2017. year, and we expect to 2015th be mild and cosmetic finishing.

Premiere of a new generation of BMW 3-Series F30 was of course the home town of Munich, 13th October 2011th year. The first examples came out to customers in February 2012. , and in Serbia reached a new model of 23rd February 2012. The premiere of the BMW 3-Series F30 in Belgrade. Premiere of the other variants of bodywork has been announced yet for the 2013th year.

2012 BMW 3 series Sedan

Brilliant move BMW 3-Series at three levels: Modern Line as a basic version, then Luxury Line as a slightly better-equipped version, and on top of the Sport line, which of course is the best fit with a similar engine. However, levels of equipment does not exclude the engines, but the official price list as presented. So we get to test the BMW 3-Series F30 with two-liter diesel engine in the Sport trim level, which is not an official listing on the price list, but it exists.

There is no doubt that the trio played on a card to enjoy the ride, everything else is supposedly in the background even though every detail of the car was brought to perfection. What BMW does, and competitors do not is not and does not conceal plastics make-up every inch of the vehicle, just the right car to be fashionable, easier and better performance, so that this kind of honesty do not hide to its customers.

BMW 320D 2012

BMW 320D 2012

BMW 320D Sport Line 2012

RED BMW 320D Sport Line

With the initial price of just around 32,000 Euros for the manual version, or around € 2,400 more if you want to match engine with excellent Eight-speed gearbox with automatic transmission that is worth every euro invested, considered as a price range expected in the market since the Mercedes motorization similar costs for 1000 € less while the Lexus IS as another direct competitor for cheaper around 1100 €. BMW for the difference in price, brings together the most modern of the two mentioned.

BMW 328i Sport 2012 red interior

BMW 328i Sport 2012 red interior

Some Characteristics:

* Design elements of a brand hit the taste of lovers
* Superb low-power engine, noise, and excellent performance
* Eight-speed gearbox automatic transmission is very good, with multiple levels of adjustment
* Low fuel consumption for moderate riders, especially in the regime EcoPro
* The noise in the vehicle at a nice low level at all speeds
* Runflat tires as standard tenders
* Front seat exceptional configurability, posture and comfort
* Offer space and front and rear, offer excellent legroom in its class
* Excellent tuned suspension with electronic adjustment, gives optimal results
* Brakes efficient and extremely strong, stopping short

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