Dacia Dokker Van 2013

Dacia Dokker Van 2013 front

This model with the best of their class characteristics is an attractive solution for people who will use it for business purposes.
Dacia Dokker Van is primarily an excellent solution for merchants and artisans who own tools or products to be transported in an appropriate manner. Dacia Dokker Van brings an impressive list of practical features at very affordable prices.

Besides being concerned about the robust and reliable model, Dacia Dokker Van delivers the largest cargo capacity in its segment thanks to cleverly designed modular section of the front seats, while the wide rear sliding doors allow easy loading of baggage and cargo that needs to carry.

Dacia Dokker Van 2013

With the aim of meeting the needs of merchants and others who will use this model, is available a wide range of features and accessories Dokker Van. The interior of this model is extremely well done with the vehicle, depending on trim level is equipped with various accessories.

Dacia Dokker Van

The vehicle is available with four operating units, two petrol and two diesel, where everyone can find a proper solution. The name is a pun Dokker and a mix of two words Dock Worker or worker at the pier in the harbor, which indicates that this is a vehicle that is intended to carry a significant burden.

Dacia Dokker out what is specific to the rear owners can offer even 3.9m3 cargo space which is more than enough for most applications. Loading space is 2.42m in length, so owners will be able to fit inside a vehicle in almost everything they need. Maximum capacity of this model is 750kg.

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