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Mercedes GLK SUV front black

Now that the SUV has become a very important part of the automotive world and people know what they want when buying this car, GLK has a difficult mission, needs to prove that it has what it takes to ride it in the morning, at night, on weekends, and to be able to for family travel. We think that the Mercedes GLK and more than capable of something like this, and the better one ever.

Lines of cars operate on you in such a way that your car gives the impression of movement even when stationary, while its size and layout you immediately associate with a sports machine that was just waiting for you. Surprisingly, from any angle you look at the car, he looks beautiful, and chrome details give the impression of luxury and to know that, this car belongs to the premium segment. Generous glass areas will give you security and will give you the impression of luxury and spaciousness, as well as well lighted interior.

The most important new creations on models GLK, is a form of headlights, which now extend to the grille and Mercedes’s LED design also offers a strong visual impact. Aggressive front piece has its own identity and helps the vehicle to make it look unique.

Seats are very comfortable, beautiful is sit in them and very soon will allow you to find a comfortable driving position, and will also provide you with excellent support. Materials in the interior of our test car were a mixture of premium materials. Aluminum on the dashboard and excellent soft plastics, sit in leather and Alcantara superior quality, as well as the steering wheel, which is covered with leather top quality, all this combines luxury and sporty feeling. Designers have also paid a lot of attention inside lit, so night driving a real pleasure to experience it.

Mercedes GLK SUV interior

The ergonomics are well thought out, and as for the other elements, we can not ignore the similarity of the instrument panel with several other models, although the quality is excellent, but at the same time we have to admire the way in which the Mercedes found a balance between too much Buttons and minimalist look.

The interior space is filled with high-quality materials and offers a schedule of cuts which allows you to focus on driving, and that’s what really helps in urban areas, where a man has to be ready to fight against a strong traffic. Element that impresses us is also in the cab is sound insulation, which is great.

The car is also designed to perform the most dedicated drivers. This means that you will enjoy this car in any way, specifically will not be nervous during city driving, because you shall rest in the car.

Spending of fuel you have recorded while driving in a crowded traffic is 9 liters of fuel in urban conditions, you might not sound impressive, but when you consider that this car has nearly 2 tons, it is more than fair.

While you are driving a new generation of models GLK will surely be observed. Car design manages to attract attention and to keep the view, especially when people receive new design light group, many will simply envied driving a car so appealing.

From this, in particular the list of standard equipment Attention Assist system that detects driver fatigue, LED daytime running lights, gear gearbox that is located right behind the steering wheel, a feature that would unnerve most Europeans.

Mercedes adaptive cruise control is perfectly calibrated, and the accessories there are ECO start-stop function, adaptive stop lights, leather seats and seat adjustment ELECTRONIC.

Command infotainment system that will surely entertain you, offering options such as navigation, reverse camera, Bluetooth connection, a chart with comparative performance and consumption as well as radio, which comes with a clip that receives 6 CDs.

Command Infotainment Online

Mercedes GLK is a car know, what has and what it can be proud of, and that is security. What will further encourage a great many sheets in front of the vehicle so that the crumple zone of extreme importance and power of absorbing impact.

Space that passengers have in the cabin is also a very important factor, and no one shot should not significantly enter the cabin that injured passenger space and time travelers. So, ride high in the massive car and safety is something you do not need to worry.

Mercedes GLK SUV front side black

Ccm: 2143
Number of cylinders: 4
Power: 170HP 3200-4200 rpm
fuel: diesel
Torque: 400Nm from 1400 to 2800 rpm
Transmission: automatic
Gear: 6 speed
Drive: 4×4
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 8.8 sec.
Maximum speed: 205 km / h

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