Toyota Agya – new Aygo 2012

Toyota Agya 2012 front

Toyota Aygo known as Agya has a length of 3.5 meters, as such it belongs to the small city cars and has high popularity.

The Japanese, as it is well known, always try to make the perfect vehicle adaptable for all conditions and the majority of customers who want a super small and economical car.

Aygo or Agya at first glance aspires to hold a full urban mobility, but also to offer much more space than any car in this class. At the same time, the traditional concern for the safety of passengers and performance are not called into question. When all is added, the Toyota Agya has all the prerequisites to gain the title of serious small car and not just a small town errand boy.

First of all it have a completely different line of the body that are in some places turned into strong muscular line and it ends with the third or fifth glass door luggage that extend almost to the license plates.

Toyota Agya 2012

Who are the potential buyers of this car? According to all of the foregoing that the highly educated people of European capitals that follow trends in fashion, live flawlessly, not planning their families, and have gained their financial independence or at least so lucky that their student days support wealthy parents.

Perhaps because of all the foregoing, the first contact with the car’s interior provides a great feeling, which will remain long in the memory of the younger generation for whom this is the first car. Since the majority of customers connected to vehicle make and difficult to change, Toyota Agya has another function – it is a lure to attract younger customers who will get a chance to experience the quality of the car and want to buy another car from this manufacturer.
The driver, regardless of his “size” can find the position with which he will be completely satisfied, and while behind him can sit one more person, leaving the parting with friends not be a magic but relaxed fun. The front seats are comfortable with high sides and are comfortable during sudden changes of direction while driving in the city. As for the driving position, it is very well designed .

As far as drive ability, Aygo launches three-cylinder gasoline engine with 998 cubic meters of rational total of 68 horsepower. Maybe it seems modest, but when you think about it, this is not a racing cars. Thanks to the modest weight (905kg) and good aerodynamics, Aygo draws up to 100 in just 14 seconds and goes up to a maximum of 157 km/h.

Toyota Agya 2012 interior

Toyota Agya 2012 interior blue

In addition, Toyota Agya has serial M-MT automatic transmission with two different transmissions, manual and automatic. Automatic model proved to be a great help in urban driving conditions in which I fell in love at the first trafficlight. It is enough to casually hit the gas pedal and car just goes by itself. While doing so, the right hand instead to a gear can wander to the mobile phone or … A five-speed gearbox changes smoothly and without delay. For those looking for performance or aggressive driving, there is manual gear option.

Toyota Agya

5 door 905 kg
Form: Dimensions L / W / H: x-3430×1615 mm Wheelbase: 2340 mm Weight: 905 kg
Fuel: 35 liters Number of doors: 5 pcs. Number of seats: 4 pcs.
Payload: 360 kg maximum payload: 1190 kg Max roof load capacity: 50 kg

Petrol 998 cc 68 hp 50 KW
Fuel: Gasoline Displacement: 998 cc Type: Straight, 3-cylinder / 12 valves
Power: 68ks/50KW @ 6000 rpm Torque: 93Nm @ 3600 RPM Compression: 10.5:1

Front wheels Manual 5 speed
Drive: Front wheels
Type of transmission: gear shift: 5 speed

EURO4 157 km / h 4.0-5.5 lit.
Consumption (path, mixing, city): 4.0/4.6/5.5 lit.
Emisions CO2: 105 g / km
exhaust gases: EURO4 Maximum speed: 157 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 14.2 seconds
turning diameter: 9.4M

Name: Aygo Includes:
Bumpers in body color
Front head restraints
power steering
tinted glass
Adjustable steering column
Airbag for the front passenger
Airbag for the driver
Last fog lights

Test  Toyota Agya / Aygo

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